Who We Are

FlashForge USA is disrupting 3D printing market by introducing easy-to-use and reliable 3D printers. Our products cater to many verticals - commercial (industrial, engineering, medical, architectural, signage and advertisement), educational, and hobbyists.

Established in 2011, FlashForge has sold tens of thousands of 3D printers worldwide, including award-winning models such as Finder, Dreamer, Creator Pro, and Guider 2. FlashForge USA focuses on making 3D printing widely accessible to institutions, architects, engineers, designers, industrial users, and the broad consumer and prosumer markets. FlashForge USA is fully committed to creating value for its customers by delivering quality, reliable, competitively-priced products and going beyond the FlashForge Promise. 

The FlashForge Promise

We are passionate about 3D printing and want to share this new technology with the world. Our team is composed of knowledgeable technophiles who print day and night in our 35,000-square-foot facility. FlashForge USA understands the importance of product and service support, especially the technical challenges that a new technology may bring along. With FlashForge USA, you can always expect a close, personal service from our team of experts located in the sunny Southern California.

FlashForge USA understands that 3D printing is a new technology to many individuals. Our aim is to educate and guide you through the entire process of 3D printing so that you can successfully turn your big ideas into physical realities. With 3D printing, there are no limits — you can go as far as your imagination takes you. Whether you are new to 3D printing and are inquiring about how FlashForge products can jump-start your next big adventure, if you have technical challenges with your products, or if you want to exchange 3D printing jargon with us, we are always just a call or click away. It is really amazing to see a 3D printing instrument turn an idea into real life, layer by layer, and we invite you to experience this phenomenon with us!