Unleashing the potentials of our next generation through 3D printing

3D printing is reshaping the world in many ways, from accelerating the product design process to reducing the manufacturing timeframe to providing a cost-effective alternative in the medical devices field. And the best way to prepare students for this change is through early education in 3D printing. Through 3D printing, students can expand not only their creativity and out-of-box-thinking but also their problem-solving skills.

Having Flashforge 3D printers in every classroom means students will have access to one of the world’s leading desktop 3D printers. With different 3D printer models from Flashforge, students can turn their own unique ideas into reality.


Creator Pro

The ultimate 3D printer for unleashing the creativity of high school and college-level students. It is a dual extruder 3D printer that can print application-based designs with multiple pieces. Creator Pro uses standard filament as well as composite materials such as wood, copper and much more.



Dreamer is designed with ease of use in mind. Together with a 3D modeling design software, Dreamer is a valuable tool for showing elementary and middle school students the fun of 3D printing. The fully-enclosed case makes Dreamer one of the safest 3D printers for use in classroom settings.


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