Flashforge Creator 4 - Nozzle Assembly

Compatible Printers:
  • Creator 4

Nozzle F - Brass Nozzle (Brass Color)
Nozzle F Maximum temperature: 260°C
Compatible material: TPB, TPC, TPE, TPU85A-98A, 85A Flexible Filaments.

Nozzle HS - Harden Nozzle (Black Color)
Nozzle HS Maximum temperature: 360°C
Compatible material: PA-CF, PA-GF, PP-GF, PAHT-CF, PP-CF, PLA-CFPETG-CF, PC-ABS, PET-CF, PPS-CF, Carbon Fiber Composite Filaments

Nozzle HT - Steel Nozzle (Steel Color)
Nozzle HT Maximum temperature: 320°C
Compatible material: ABSASAPAPCPETGPLA, PP, PAHT, PC-ABS, Engineering Filaments

Please check the photo for references between V1 and V2.
Blue highlighted box shows the differences.
V1: No Heat Sink (Older Model)
V1 is not compatible with the
Extruder Set V2
V2: Has Heat Sink (Newer Model)
V2 is not compatible with the Extruder Set V1

For any questions about the versions; email techsupport@flashforge-usa.com

**Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to product enhancement and differences in monitors.**