Flashforge AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printer

What is channel letter 3D printing?

Taking advantage of 3D printing technology, producing channel letters is no longer a long and labor intensive process. FlashForge AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printer makes returns in any sizes and channel letters in any types whether they are front-lit, back-lit (reverse), or side-lit a much easier process. FlashForge AD1 makes your business be highly profitable.

How can FlashForge AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printer transform your business?

Profitable is what FlashForge AD1 can bring to your business. With savings from labor, material, storage, processing, and all the overheads that come with your business, FlashForge AD1 can make your business be three times more profitable than a traditional channel letter making process with less labor intensive processes and saving of materials used when making returns.


Resume Printing from Power Outage

When encountering unexpected power outage, power stored by the device will raise the nozzle to prevent letter from being damaged by the high temperature nozzle. FlashForge AD1 continues to print after power supply is restored.

Filament Detection Function

FlashForge AD1 automatically pauses printing when filament is not present during a print job. Print job is resumed when filament is detected.

Lighting Type:

  • All-Lit
  • Front-Lit
  • Side-Lit
  • Reverse
  • Combination


  • Top Stair + Arc
  • Top Stair
  • Double Stair
  • Bevel Edge
  • Straight Slanted Down
  • Bottom Supports
  • Widen Bottom

AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printing Gallery

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Nozzle Diameter:  0.6 MM
 Maximum Extruder Temperature  :  260°C (500°F)
Print Speed: 10-80mm/s
Maximum Print Bed Temperature:  100°C (212°F)
Leveling Method:  8 Points Leveling
Support Material:  Specialty Advertising Filament
Print Volume:  24 x 24 x 3 IN (600 x 600 x 70 MM)
Layer Precision:  0.2~0.4 MM
Print Precision:  ±0.5 MM


Printer Dimension:  43 x 39 x 20 IN (1070 x 975 x 485 MM)
Package Dimension:  46 x 45 x 24 IN (1170 x 1140 x 610 MM)
Touch Screen:  4.5-inch
Net Weight:  111 LBS (50.2 KG)
Gross Weight:  168 LBS (76 KG)
Input:  220V / 50Hz
Power:  1500w
internal Storage:  8G

Software & Other 

Software:  FlashAD
Data Transmission:  Flash Drive, Ethernet, and Flashcloud
Software:  FlashPrint
Output:  GFZ and OLT for Outliner
Input:  stl, NC, cdr, and dxf
Materials:  Indoor and Weatherproof Outdoor (4F to 158F)