FlashForge Creator 4 Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer




 **Product pictures are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may look different due to color and product variations based on different models of printers.**



Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

A Powerful Commercial Grade 3D Printer 

FlashForge Creator 4 is a powerful commercial grade additive manufacturing system with advanced printing configurations and temperature controls. Capabilities of 3D printing engineering materials in great detail, precision, and with mechanical strength are given with the Creator 4. Reliability is the focus known to many long time FlashForge power users and it is no different with the Creator 4.

A solution for industrial production 

Creator 4 with its large build volume and adjustable temperature controlled printing chamber, industry leading reliability, and FlashForge’s Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder System (IIDEX), Creator 4 adapts to any demands from your projects with ease. Unique to the FlashForge Creator 4, the system chooses the best printing configuration scheme based on the demand from your project, so enterprise customers, like yourself, can achieve the best cost control plan for your final production part as we understand materials and time are important to you.

Open filament system that supports customization

Printing with high demanding materials such as flexible, nylon, and carbon fiber composite materials is efficient and precise with the Creator 4. LEHVOSS, a leader in high performance thermoplastic materials, compounds and materials are used when producing FlashForge Creator Elite Series of engineering materials.

Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder System (IIDEX)

Intelligent Filament Management System

5,000 Hours of Reliable and Continuous Printing


Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder System

Unlike traditional dual extruder system, FlashForge’s IIDEX provides high outputs for mass production, oozing free prints, and high quality prints for meeting demands of your projects.

Massive Build Volume

400(L) × 350(W) × 500(H) mm

15.7(L) × 13.8(W) × 19.7(H) in

Temperature Controlled Heated Printing Chamber

The thermal controlled system, standard on the Creator 4, maintains a constant chamber temperature up to 65°C reducing the thermal contraction of the model throughout the printing process with engineering materials. This system further improves the dimensional accuracy of your parts.

Intelligent Filament Management System

Exclusive to FlashForge Creator 4, printing temperature automatically matches with the material before a print job starts while the temperature controlled printing chamber also matches with the material for providing an ideal and efficient printing process. After a print job is completed, the intelligent system then adjusts the cooling temperatures throughout the system in prepare for the next print job.

The Cortex-A53 Chip

High Reliability, Accurately Control,  Strong Heat Dissipation Performance

  • 4 core,64 bit,1.8 Ghz
  • High CPU processing speed
  • Higher level of power efficiency

Linear Rails 

Greater precision, smoother motion, and excellent mounting, improving print quality and printer reliability. 

More Features

Filament run-out pause detection sensor

Resume printing from power outage

 7 - inch IPS Touchscreen Control

Removable magnetic flexible print bed

Monitor printing status with a built-in HD camera

HEPA 13 air filter
Activated Carbon filter

2 Filament Spool Holders
 ( 2 kg / 1 kg )

Auto leveling 16 points


Comes with 2 Extruder-HS &
2 Extruder-HT


Comes with 2 Extruder-HT

Intelligent Filament Management System

FlashForge Creator 4 provides flexibility with its IIDEX and can be equipped with three types of extruder (purchased separately) to tackle any engineering materials on demand with one system.

Printed Models

Creator 4 Dimensions

Length:  840 mm (33.1")      

Width:  675 mm (26.6")

Height:  1000 mm (39.4")

Weight:  90 kg (198.42 lbs.)

Filament Humidor Cabinet Dimensions

Length:  840 mm (33.1")      

Width:  675 mm (26.6")

Height:  600 mm (23.6") (with casters)



Print Technology

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Extruder system

IIDEX (Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder)

Printing volume

400 x 350 x 500 mm

(15.7 x 13.8 x 19.7 in)

Number of extruders

2 Extruder-HS / 2 Extruder-HT

Printing Modes

Duplicate Mode
Dual Color Mode
Mirror Mode
Support Mode

Maximum extruder temperature

Extruder-HS:  360°C

Extruder-HT:  320°C

Printing Precision

±0.2mm or 0.002mm/mm

Position Precision

X/Y Axis : 0.011mm Z Axis : 0.0025mm

Heated Bed


Nozzle diameter

0.4 (default) / 0.6 / 0.8 mm

Filament diameter

1.75 mm

Build chamber maximum temperature


Filament Compatibility


Extruder-HT:  PLA / PETG / PC-ABS / PAHT / ABS / ASA / PP / PA / PC

Build plate leveling

Auto leveling + Manually leveling (once locked)


Printer dimensions

840 x 675 x 1000 mm

(33.1 x 26.6 x 39.4 in)

Printer weight

90 kg (198.42 lbs.)

Shipping box dimensions

990 x 820 x 1260  mm

(39 x 32.3 x 49.6 in)

Shipping weight

130 kg (286.60 lbs.)



2320 W 


AC 100-130V/200-240V; 50-60Hz

Auto power off setting

Power turns off automatically after print job completed 5 minutes


Wi-Fi /  Ethernet / USB Drive




File Input Format

3MF / STL / OBJ / FPP / BMP / PNG / JPEG File

Output Format

GX / G

Operating System

Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS, and Linux