Simplify3D Slicing Software V5


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Our next-generation slicing engine in Version 5.0 performs intelligent optimizations behind the scenes to produce stronger, faster, and less expensive prints automatically! We’ve taken decades of additive manufacturing experience and embedded it into the software so customers can unlock improved prints with a single click.

• Adaptive Layer Height – The software dynamically optimizes the layer height based on model topology for the perfect balance of quality and speed

• 3D Infill Patterns – Add increased lateral strength using new 3D infill patterns that morph throughout the print creating strong internal structures

• Automated Seam Hiding – Reduce surface defects by automatically adjusting the start points for each layer so that the seam is hidden from view

• Advanced multi-part printing – Apply different settings for different models that are located on the same build platform. For example, if you print 3 parts at once, you can choose the settings that will optimize the print quality of each part. In addition, the special multi-part printing mode optimizes how often the printer moves between parts in order to improve print quality and save printing time.

• Fine outline, thick infill – Apply this setting to save time when you are using very fine exterior layer heights. You can print 3 very fine 0.1mm outline layers while you print 1 thick 0.3mm infill layer. It only takes one mouse click to activate this feature and it can save hours of printing time yet still deliver a part with fine quality exterior detailing.

• Complete control over the start point seam – This new feature that makes a huge difference in print quality by controlling the start point location for each layer. Many people refer to the residue of a start point as a “zit” that is left on your part. Now you can choose between 3 options that control the start point location. 1) Make the start points completely random to help make a nice smooth exterior; 2) Optimize all start points for the fastest printing speed (and typically the least oozing between layers); or 3) Align all the start points to a specific location and hide transition marks in an unused area of the part.

• Dual Extrusion Wizard - The new Dual Extrusion Wizard simplifies the steps involved in configuring a dual extrusion print.  With only a few clicks, users can create a beautiful two-color part. Depending on the type of model, users can choose from a variety of “ooze shield” shapes, which will surround their part during construction and provide crisp, sharp definition between colors.

• Infill options galore - Simplify3D now boasts six infill pattern options, including the popular honeycomb and triangle infill patterns. The new variety of patterns allows users to configure the interior of their part exactly how they want it, whether the goal is to achieve high strength requirements or for stunning aesthetic results.

• User-friendly interface updates - The interface has been revamped so that frequently used tools are more intuitive and easier to use.  Model manipulation is easier than ever before, and new grouping options make it incredibly simple to work with multiple parts.  An “undo” button saves time and frustration while new keyboard shortcuts improve navigation.  The Preview Mode has also been enhanced with multiple coloring options so users can visualize their build sequences by speed, active toolhead or feature type.

• Compatible with the following FlashForge models:

  • FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite
  • FlashForge Adventurer 3 V2
  • FlashForge Adventurer 4
  • FlashForge Adventurer 4 Lite 
  • FlashForge Adventurer 5M 
  • FlashForge Adventurer 5M Pro
  • FlashForge Creator 3 Pro
  • FlashForge Creator Max
  • FlashForge Creator Max 2
  • FlashForge Artemis
  • FlashForge Guider 2S V2
  • FlashForge Guider 2S CF
  • FlashForge Guider 2S

Supported Platforms

Windows 7 or later
Both 32 and 64-bit installers are available

Mac OS
Mac OS 10.12 or later
Intel and Apple Silicon processors are both supported

Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora-based distributions are all supported
64-bit processor is required
Recommended Distribution: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or later

System Requirements

Recommended Requirements
2.3 GHz or faster processor with 4 or more cores
8 GB or more of RAM

Minimum Requirements
1.7 GHz or faster processor with 2 or more cores
4 GB or more of RAM
OpenGL 2.0 capable system
1 GB of available hard disk space

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